Commodity Futures CFDs

Trade the global markets

Instrument Description Contract Size Tick Size Tick Value Margin Requirement Stops Level Trading Hours
SB Sugar No.11 Future 112,000 lbs. 0.01 $11.20 $1,000 50 Daily 08:30 - 17:00
  • All times are GMT
  • All above instruments are traded on “Market Execution”
  • Market spread
  • Slippage on pending orders may occur during high market volatility
  • Clients will be notified about public holidays via email and ICM Brokers platform


The margin requirement offered on Commodity Future CFDs is dynamic and adapts automatically based on the volume traded on each instrument. Consequently, as the trading volume per instrument increases, the margin requirement also increases, corresponding to the dynamic margin value specific to each instrument.

It is important to note that margin calculations are done per instrument traded. So, when a client has open positions on multiple instruments, the margin is calculated separately on each.

The following table illustrates the calculation process for dynamic margin:

Open Lots Margin Requirement
0.01 - 24.99 $1,000
25 - 50 $2,000
Maximum allowed exposure is 50 lots