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ICM Brokers is a financial institution specializing in online execution and clearing services for retail and institutional investors. We operate our business according to industry best-practices and maintain the highest standards of governance, compliance and integrity.

For security of clients’ funds, ICM Brokers holds all its clients’ deposits with highly rated and secured financial institutions. ICM Brokers also retains a strong network of international banking counter parties for coverage of clients’ exposure.

ICM Brokers has developed direct Links to exchanges and treasury departments of major banks in order to deliver accurate and competitive real-time prices. Technological advancement inherent in ICM Brokers Trading Platform stabilizes the price feed and further narrows the fixed spreads.

We understand that our success is synonymous with the loyalty of our customers, which is why we maintain a customer-centric organization. By insisting to know our clients better, we are able to provide quality customer service and more personalized support. We apply complaint management techniques and encourage our clients’ comments in order to improve and streamline our processes according to our customers’ requirements.

Our customers utilize the ICM Brokers Trading Platform to access the markets. The platform is a true multi-product, multi-asset class system that is capable of handling thousands of transactions simultaneously. It is indeed a favorite among professional and retail investors alike.